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Отчёт о работе научно-просветительского Центра "Христианская интегративная психотерапия имени о. Александра Меня" за 2012-й год и рабочие планы на 2013-й год на английском языке (копия русскоязычного отчёта) 


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Dear colleagues, friends, acquaintances– my sincere congratulations on the coming New Year (for the believers – Merry Christmas)!..


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                                                        Report on the work of our SEC for the year and plans for the future


The outgoing year 2012 was for me and my adherents, teammates eventful with labour activity. We continued to implement the Programme of SEC which was originally formulated at creation of the organization, as well as those specific plans that related to 2012 year.

The main directions of the performed work:

-- Scientific activities, release of the English-language edition of the book;

-- Popularization of new ideas, publicistics, the portal;

-- Practical and conceptual and practical psychotherapeutic work;

-- Conducting of expert independent investigations. 


Scientific activities, release of the English-language edition of the book


One of the most important events of the year for us was release of the English edition of the book «The Systemic Principles in Psychology and Psychotherapy» which is the result of a hard work of a large team for almost two years. The edition of the book includes also new author’s generalizations, theoretical discoveries. In these two years the author has developed eight new structural models (mandal), that was time consuming for reflection and analysis, study of numerous published sources, comparison,observation, etc.

Identified holons (parts of a whole) deepen understanding of the theory of archetypes of self-regulation of psychic; allow reaching new horizons of scientific research in the field of psychology and the humanities. Added to the English language edition of the book vocabulary entries give the explanation to the presented developments.

Global English-speaking scientific world has received for nowa full opportunity to become acquainted with all major aspects of the author's theory of archetypes of psychic self-regulation (archetype of the Home-Person) and the International Project "United psychology and psychotherapy". This event is very significant for me that sums up many years of work, which results in the whole volume became known to the world scientific community now.

Structural and characterological model (theory) of personality developed by the present author in 2006-2007, streamlined area of characterization. The creation of mandalas of classical radicals of character proved that each of the dual character radical group corresponds to a certain level of personality organization. Thereby, an end to the theoretical dispute between psychoanalytic schools of Kernberg and Kohut's on the question of the number of structural levels was put. An important principle was formulated (opened): personality is structured as radicals.

Such a structural methodology has opened vast opportunities in the study of personality and psychological and psychotherapeutic schools. Further scientific work by the author led to the separation of basic (basic, classic) archetypes of personality and role scenarios, combining them into a unified system of interconnected dual pairs. Consistent deepening of these conceptual intentions led to the identification of many new structural units (holons), ranked by the same principles.

Discovery of such precise orderliness based on the rational intelligible principles is theoretical basis of the building of scientific psychology and psychotherapy, leads to new perspectives of scientific rigor in the humanities. 

Particular importance in this regard, according to the author of these lines, have two mandalas dedicated to streamline of the relationship between psychological types (TIMs) and archetypal role-playing scenarios. These developments show that each psychological type corresponds to his native role scenario, which is an expansion of the same idea in a new semantic level.

A strong science base of the International Institute of Socionics and Kyiv School of Socionics has promoted a new science - socionics far ahead in comparison with Western counterparts (typology). Experiencing confidence that the presented results of years of research will serve to further strengthen the authority of the field of knowledge in the English speaking world.


Popularization of new ideas, publicistics, the portal


In general aspects I consider a new scientific theory formed, so now we can spend more time on the introduction of new ideas into practice, spread among our colleagues and amateurs.

Within the outgoing year we worked on the psychological portal "Journey to The World of Psychology," which has already been introduced into service. Nearing completion all the work on programming of resources, and we proceed to define the semantic core, placing thematic content. In the first half of next year we expect to achieve the attendance of the resource of several hundred people.

In the future we plan to develop the traffic statistics up to 5-10 thousand people, which is an important factor in information exchange and influence, especially with regard to the target audience. A copy of the created site in the future may be the basis for the English version (with the new domain name).

There is a growing number of our communities in social networks, readers of my personal blog. Not focusing on the extra details, I will say that in our community "The integrative Psychotherapy" in "My World" there are more than eight thousand people, in the community "The integrative Psychology" Vkontakte - up to eight thousand.

Created in Vkontakte, in the outgoing year, a group "New psychological editions" now has about two thousand people. In my personal blog at Liru (duplicated in LJ) are over two thousand readers (more than 615 subscribers). By the way, the post on January 20, 2011 "Mandalas and secret knowledge" has a record on my blog, at the moment, it is quoted in the blogs for 65 times.    

The total number of readers (mostly - the target audience) my publicistic content on the Internet today is up to twenty thousand (excluding mailings, publications in other communities and blogs, etc.).

There are working (draft) materials for the publication of two scientific-popular books, however, unfortunately, the release of one of them planned for year 2012 was postponed to the following year on operating reasons.

In terms of promotion of new ideas and approaches in the field of human sciences, we are planning in the following year to create a series of so-called motivational images to enable a rapid assimilation, understanding, retention of information. I am planning in the following year the separate and shared with supporters, students reading of a series of lectures on the new theory and its application in practice, technical recording of lectures and discussions, followed by accommodation in Internet. Such work can serve as a basis for further implementation of international lectures and workshops in real time.


Practical and conceptual and practical psychotherapeutic work


In the outgoing year, author of this lines conducted the active monitoring of the market of psychological and psychotherapeutic services. Based on the analysis of the situation, colleagues were asked to review the existing professional and legal rules and regulations, in particular in the field of psychological and pseudo psychological training where there are massive abuse, and sometimes intentional desire to harm.

This monitoring was a continuation of the public and expert investigation launched in April 2011 with the identification of destructive training Alex Leslie (one of the most popular writers of the publishing house "Eksmo"). Program provisions on training were picked up by the magazine "Our psychology", the 10th issue of which (for the 2012 year) is almost entirely devoted by editors to analysis of large-scale abuses in this area and how to combat the phenomenon of.   

Practical work in the field of counselling and psychotherapy also allowed to gather evidence to show that such large-scale abuses of training are not unique to the CIS countries, but also for other world nations. For example, a girl who had come (temporary) home in Ukraine, contacted the author for advice on the correct diagnosis, due to the complexities.

In a survey revealed a procedural disease, and the work together with a psychiatrist from Donetsk Marat Vladimirovich Zabirov accurately determine the diagnosis and treatment recommendations. The girl was sent to the hospital, where she was officially confirmed the diagnosis. Before that, being in immigration, she for the whole year went to training sessions conducted by psychology students from foreign universities (under the guidance of teachers). Such a long period of time the patient had not received proper treatment.   

Together with PhD I.V. Latypov in the outgoing year was carried out criticism of trainings on system-vector psychology, conducted by Yuri Burlanom. Without having a solid scientific base, members of this sect apply all sorts of fraudulent means, use the methods of persecution of opponents, etc.

Morally difficult and unpleasant to author of these lines was the fact of identification of a large-scale abuses in the outgoing year in the leadership of All-Russian Professional Psychotherapeutic League (ARPPL). During the analysis of abuse with the rigging of the ratings (even the presence of one of the evaluated in counting commission and her close person), has revealed the fact of capture league raiding group.

Throughout the year a consistent critic of abuses in the leadership of the league was conducted, was managed to disrupt the official ceremony on false ratings, potential customers were notified of non-compliance of advertising and quality psychotherapeutic services.

We hope that in the coming year, the World Council for Psychotherapy will give his assessment of the situation arisen in ARPPL, will release the league from the authorities of the Raiders, returning it to the ownership of Russian-speaking professional community from different countries. Such aspects of the work adjacent to the next section of the SPC.


Conducting of expert independent investigations



A lot of attention was paid to social and expert independent investigations and the development of perspective concepts in this area. By the way, in the released English-language edition of the book there was published a chapter with the report of the SEC for the year 2011, which introduces readers, including these aspects of our activities.

Throughout the outgoing year it was continued a social and long-term international expert investigation of the multi-year international multi-vector psychological war «Al-Qaeda» (MIMPWA-K), which was launched by the author of this article in April 24, 2011 year.

Identified and analyzed serials, movies of Russian film industry with an extremist (or elements of extremism), suspected to be another vector of MIMPWA-K. In Blog new materials about the concept of social therapy (working with the whole society) and psychological security were posted.  

Were found series of books published by "Eksmo" and subcontractors aimed at inciting an armed overthrow of the government in the Russian Federation. The detailed analysis of such books was held, identified psychological technologies that are used in them. The investigation found evidence indicating that the "A-K" seeks capture the entire publishing market in Russia, and not just limited to one publisher. Contains materials that reinforce the theory that behind the Orange Revolution in Ukraine is the support of "Al-Qaeda".

In the reports of my posts in the blog, newsletters and letters the call for active system monitoring culture, to prevent the effects of various vectors of psychological and information warfare was sounded. In February, was held a meeting of the Patriarchal Council for Culture, where Patriarch Kirill formulated a program largely consonant with such calls. In line with this Patriarchal program, the ROC is actively involved in a struggle with the psychological and information threats.

Emerged, based on facts and analysis, suspicion (I write here exactly a suspicion for not being accused in libel), that a political scientist and U.S. Ambassador to Russia Michael McFaul is related to "A-K", as well as a group of American Kremlinologists actively supporting Chechen extremists. The analysis of the McFaul and political science programwas held. A new concept of a system and scale MIMPWA-K, which is largely aimed at creating revolutionary activity around the world, intensified fighting, inciting different countries against each other by provocation was formulated. 

In the context of the socio-psychological expert investigation of warfare of "A-K" it was nominated the assumption that the killings of dozens of Russian scientists especially psychologists involved in the fight against terrorism, that precisely "A-K" is behind the killings. A series of these killings wasoccurred during the period of termination of the active phase of the second Chechen campaign (active collision crossed the stage of terror and murder of civilians).

Were revealed associations of ideoanalytics, who were pushing teens to suicide with the help of well-developed psychological techniques. Based on the facts there was a reasonable assumption that to the Russian vector of MIMPWA-K Boris Berezovsky was involved, his criminal genius is capable of this level of fraud and planned psychological war.

There are facts that point to the involvement of Berezovsky and attempts organizing murders and terrorist acts on the territory of Ukraine, enhancing the orange movement in Ukraine. A recently screened documentary "Berezovsky" by journalist Andrey Kondrashov (channel "Russia-1") provides ample evidence of this. Such circumstances can be interpreted as a confirmation, advanced by the author of these lines, the hypothesis about the Ukrainian vector of MIMPWA-K.

Official scoring of the facts of social and expert investigation of "The Book Case" ("The case of Eksmo") can play an important role in the proof of criminal activity of Berezovsky (for the international community and law enforcement).

In October, the Public Chamber of the Russian Federation held a meeting on the theme "The role of literature in shaping moral society and a strong state". Were expressed suggestions - to make the coming year – the Year of Literature. If the President of the Russian Federation and the Government will decide to do so, it can be an important tool for the official scoring scale of extremist crimes in the field of book publishing.

The flow of extremist literature is vast, as social harm caused by such "cultural" products created, unfortunately, by using high psychological technologies. Clearly, that such large-scale works require a long time for a comprehensive study and investigation, but my supporters and I believe that the 2013th year can be a key to the official disclosure of "The Book Case".



Due to the great pressure on Ukraine, on the eve of the European football championship, attempts of orange extremist wing of opposition to disrupt this important event (held in the country), there was sent a number of letters to influential international organizations with a detailed profile of personality of U.V. Tymoshenko.

A previous analysis of activity and personality of Tymoshenko, during that year, regularly supplemented with new facts and thoughts. Given earlier the expert evaluation of U.V. (profile of convicted criminals and suspected of other criminal offenses) - antisocial personality disorder, was enhanced with new facts and evidence.     



In the fourth quarter the outgoing year a lot of attention was paid to the Fund "City Without Drugs", led by the famous fighter against drugs and drug addiction in Russia Eugene V. Roizman. Against the Fund and Roizman appear a formidable force of drug traffickers, creating a variety of rumours and myths. For example, the fact that the Fund, ostensibly created to advertise the activities of the local organized crime groups (organized crime), etc. Criminal dealers are doing everything to slander the Fund, including by means of fabricated evidence

Due to the serious charges against the employees of the Fund, nominated by local law enforcement agencies (and subsequently the central office of the Investigative Committee of the Russian Federation), the author of these lines has conducted an independent psychological examination of personality and the activities of E.V. Roizman and his staff.

The results of examination and reflection on this subject I have sent to the address of the Federal Security Service, a personal appeal to the director of the FSS. During studying of a large number of videos with E.V. Roizman and his employees and also through the study of written material and gathering of other information, it was established that E.V. Roizman and his team sincerely fight against drug trafficking and drug abuse, are trusted his honesty.

The author shared his thoughts and suspicions with the management of FSS and SSU who exactly might be behind repeated attempts to destroy the Foundation "City Without Drugs". The Fund covers the path of Tajik heroin trafficking not only in Ekaterinburg, but even throughout the Russian Federation.   



In the outgoing year, much attention was paid to the study of the destructive activities of the organization "Church of Scientology" that seeks to take over the world in their network and leading a fierce information-psychological war with scientific psychology, psychotherapy and psychiatry. Scientologists and related community organizations, has been gathering for a long time the facts aimed at the total discrediting of scientific psychology and psychiatry, use approaches that can be termed as "wild psychoanalysis".

Conducted over several years analysis of the "Church of Scientology" in the outgoing year has led to the formulation of important approaches to combat this authoritarian organization. New aspects of the structure of vision, of this association, enhance understanding of the destructive nature of the "Church of Scientology", allow to find effective approaches to deal with.

Within the outgoing year, author of this article published a lot of material about scientology, aimed at clarifying its essence and bring together psychologists, psychotherapists and psychiatrists on the subject. In my opinion, for the international psychological psychotherapeutic and psychiatric organizations struggle with scientology has become one of the most important areas of work.     




To sum up, it should be noted that in 2012, the English-language edition of the book has been published by myself and the team, which published the major scientific theories the author. A large amount of publicist and social work was held. Monitoring of the market of psychological and psychotherapeutic services led to the identification of large-scale failures in this area. During the public and expert investigations on several fronts, studied a lot of material, the results of investigations and analysis were presented to the responsible organizations and colleagues. 


Best regards,

Your Ruslan Eslyuk.



Address of the post of the results for the 2012 year work in the R.P. Eslyuk personal blog:

Link to download (free) of the book «The Systemic Principlesin Psychology and Psychotherapy»:

Psychological portal "Journey to The World of Psychology":


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